Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease is one of the biggest causes of death in Aruba. Many people suffer from cardiovascular diseases. For many years, a majority of insurers have had to be sent to Colombia to receive treatment. Thanks to the initiative of our cardiologists and Dr. Horacio Oduber Hospital, since April 2018, we have been able to achieve our very own heart catheterization department. Here is where patients who need, for example, a stent, can get it. Patients can also get a CAG diagnostic, bypass, and fix or replace their heart valve.

But what are cardiovascular diseases?

Cardiovascular diseases are all the diseases that have to do with the heart and veins. Some of these diseases can be present in a person since birth, others get them later in life. It is important to realize that anyone can get cardiovascular disease. To minimize the chance of getting cardiovascular disease, one must like a healthy life through nutrition and exercise.

Different types

There are different heart and vein diseases. Heart disease occurs as a consequence of coronary veins becoming thinner or from a sudden blockage. These are the veins that form some sort of a crown around the heart and they regulate the supply of blood for the heart. The blockage (better said the platelets that start to form internally) inside the coronary veins can cause chest pains when exercising. A sudden blockage (or closing) of the coronary veins causes damage to the heart and is the cause of a heart attack, which is when the heart does not receive enough oxygen.

Other heart failures are related to the malfunctioning (pumping) of the heart, infection of virus at the heart, and a disturbance in the rhythm (beating) of the heart. Sometimes heart disease is a deviation or malfunction of the heart valves. Also, some patients get heart disease due to the heart muscles themselves; we have to remember that the heart is a round and hollow muscle. When there is a failure in the muscles, things are bound to go wrong.

Numbers of Aruba

At the moment, we have 5 cardiologists, where 2 of them are interventional cardiologists. Together they treat around 6000 patients per year. The total number of patients that use medication for heart disease or other heart issues is approximately 20.000, where the percentage of women with heart disease (58%) is higher than the percentage of men (42%).

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