Civil servants (AZV Plus)

AZV administers the AZV law which is applicable for (almost) everybody, but AZV also administers the health insurance of the civil servants. The civil servants have an additional health insurance that is called the AZV Plus.

AZV Plus is an employers insurance, in this case the employer is the Government of Aruba. The civil servants and retired civil servants have rights to the AZV Plus along with the benefits from the AZV (basic). Besides that, a person with the same rights as the civil servants (contract staff and or others categorized as equivalent) have AZV Plus.

Not only the employee has AZV Plus, but his wife and children too (for whom child allowance is received).


Eight type of treatment is covered by AZV Plus. Here we give an explanation of each one of them.

1. Speech therapy

When a specialist recommends the treatment of a speech therapist, the insured is entitled to 12 additional sessions on what is being covered by (basic) AZV. In exceptional cases and based on a request from the doctor, the AZV can extend the number of sessions. A maximum of 12 sessions can be given each time with a prior approval from AZV.

2. Physiotherapy

After you have received the maximum number of physiotherapy sessions from AZV for one indication for 1 year, an extension of 12 extra sessions can be given from AZV Plus.

3. Chiropractic

When your family physician or specialist believes it is necessary, 12 chiropractic sessions will be covered by AZV. AZV can extend the number of sessions, up to a maximum of 12 each time.

4. Glasses

There is a compensation of maximum 350 florins for glasses and frame once every two years. There is for the so called “high index” and contact lenses the same compensation when you have a prescription and a diopter of 6 or higher. If in a period of 2 years your diopter changes, it is possible to have a compensation during that period. Off course you need a prescription where the diopter change is mentioned. This prescription should be from your eye specialist or optician.

5. Psychology

When your family physician or specialist believes it is necessary, 12 sessions of psychology care will be covered. AZV can, based on a petition, extend the number of sessions. AZV can extend the number of sessions, up to a maximum of 12 each time.

6. Dentist

For mouth cleaning there is a maximum compensation of 58,50 Aruban florins for a maximum of twice a year. For a frame prosthesis and orthodontics treatment class II-1 (deep bite), class II-2 (open bite) and class III, where the client has bite or speech problems, there is a compensation from AZV after AZV has given its approval based on a petition made by the dentist:

  • For frame prosthesis (vitalium)
  • 1 element afl. 153,-
  • 2 element afl. 180,-
  • 3 element afl. 207,-
  • 4 element afl. 234,-
  • 5 element afl. 261,-
  • 6 element afl. 288,-
  • 7 element afl. 315,-
  • 8 element afl. 342,-
  • 9 element afl. 369,-
  • For orthodontics treatment afl. 4050,-

7. AZV Plus during business trip

When you become sick during a business trip or you had an accident at work. All medical costs will be covered by your AZV Plus. You are entitled to a 100% refund.

8. AZV Plus during vacation

It is recommended to buy a travel insurance whenever you travel abroad for vacation. AZV Plus only pays the costs that are not covered by your travel insurance. In addition, it must refer urgent medical care that can not be postponed till return to Aruba. Again, it is highly recommended to buy a travel insurance when traveling for vacation abroad.


The AZV costs are being paid by the employer of the insured (Government of Aruba). The insured pays 0,5% extra premium to cover the costs of this insurance. At the end of the year, AZV sums all costs that are being made under the AZV Plus and the invoice is sent to the Government of Aruba. Unlike the normal (basic) AZV, a own contribution is applicable when using AZV Plus. 10% of the treatment costs covered by AZV Plus have to be paid thru the insured itself.

Retired public employee

For the retired public employee it is important for them to inform AZV whenever they travel abroad. This is possible by sending a letter, but it is much easier by the form on this website. A retired public employee can stay abroad for a year long. Medical costs made during this period are for 90% covered.


With the introduction of the AZV app, a ‘declaration from the department’ is no longer necessary. The healthcare provider can see via the digiZorgPas if you are entitled to the AZV Plus. The information in the AZV app is always up to date. If you are entitled to the AZV plus, but this is not visible in the digiZorgPas please contact the Human Resources contact person of your department.


For restitution of medical costs made abroad, please fill this form (RESTITUTIEFORMULIER) We also need the medical report from the clinic. A refund request has to be sent as soon as possible but certainly before a 1 year and 3 months after treatment has been given. All request after that time period will not be accepted.

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