To cover all medical costs of AZV, meaning all medical costs of all of us together, we need a large amount of money. Medical care as in all other parts of the world has it’s price. Annually AZV manages around 440 million florin. How does AZV get this money?

There are four types of income.

The first income is the AZV premium. The AZV premium is 10,5% total. It is divided in a part being paid by the employee and a part being paid by the employer. People with a job, pay 1,6% of their gross salary as AZV premium, which is then transferred to the Tax department. The rest, referring to the 8,9% of your gross salary, your employer will pay for you. People with their own business (self employed) have to pay the total of 10,5%. A pensioner pays 10,5% of his pension as AZV premium.

The second income is the BAZV. This has been introduced in 2014. It is a destination tax and is a tax on the volume of sales of a business (sales tax). It means that every time when you go to buy a product or service, you pay 1,5% BAZV. Every month the companies pay the total sum of BAZV to the Tax Department. The Tax Department on it’s turn sends the money to AZV. The introduction of the BAZV has it’s advantage: everybody including tourists contribute to AZV fund.

The third income is the right to recover money, the so-called ‘right of recourse’. Here is were we from the AZV try to recover thru the insurance companies costs that were paid for for example car accidents.

The fourth income is the National Contribution from the government. From the start of the AZV in 2001 a national contribution exists. The AZV law prescribes that whenever a shortage is detected, the government has to help by sending a contribution to the AZV. Historically we see that by increasing the AZV premium but also by introducing BAZV, the contribution from the government has lowered.

The duty to pay AZV premium

According to the AZV law, you are insured with AZV the moment you’re registered in the basic administration of Aruba (Census), have your main residence here and -if applicable for you- you comply with all the requirements of the State Ordinance Law of Admission and Expulsion. Another point that is also stipulated in the AZV law is that as a client it is your duty to pay the premium based on your income. In other words; if you choose not to register with us, this still doesn’t take away from you the responsibility to pay the AZV premium.

Where can I apply for an exemption?

Only in a few -very limited- cases, can AZV give an exemption. A petition for an exemption must be send to AZV. For expenses mistakenly deducted or paid, we refer you to the Tax Department of Aruba.The Tax Department of Aruba is the one who has the task of withholding and collecting the AZV premium.

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