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In December 2019 AZV launched its AZV app. The main goal of this app is to give the client updated and correct information upon his insurance policy. In the AZV app a AZV insured can register for its digiZorgpas which replaces the plastic card that is used since 2006 as a AZV registration proof.

During the Covid19 crisis and the shelter in place situation in Aruba the AZV app has proven its value because it made the visits to the office unnecessary while the service to the client is continued. In the meanwhile, the developments in the app are continued and it is now possible to sent messages to each user. Messages for example about your insurance policy or information about your doctor’s office.

Of course you can look for the contact information of your care providers and the information upon which doctor, pharmacy or dentist is on duty. But it is also possible to change your family practitioner, your dentist or pharmacy via the AZV app and check the status of a consent.

Access to medical care

Get medical care from your family doctor, hospital, and specialists and pick up your medications at your preferred pharmacy.

Add you children

Add your children to your digizorgpas to easily access care providers.

Doctor and pharmacy on call

Find out which doctor or pharmacy is currently on call.

Notifications on your phone

Enable notifications to receive updates on AZV services, care providers, and news.

Change pharmacy and dentist

You can now easily change your subscription from a pharmacy or dentist using just your phone.


Give your opinion about the medical service you received.

Digital service

You can easily send your questions to an AZV representative through the app.

Is my digiZorgpas valid?

Check to see if your digiZorgpas is still valid and find out when you need to renew it.

Delete the App data

If you no longer need the AZV app and want your data deleted, please send an email to [email protected]. Note that this will not affect your insurance policy.

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