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In 2001 Aruba introduced the National Ordinance General Health Insurance, the AZV. It is a general medical insurance for every citizen living in Aruba for them to have benefits and easy access to medical care. Aruba is the first country in the Dutch Kingdom that has a general medical insurance. By having a general health insurance for every citizen, Aruba complies with the human right on medical care according to the World Health Organisation.

Do you legally live in Aruba? Than you can get AZV if:

  • You are registred at Censo (the Population Register),
  • You have a valid residency permit,
  • You comply with the payment of the AZV premium at the Tax department.

Now how do I register at AZV? Most of our services are online, from Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 4:00pm. You can register at AZV by sending us an identification (this can be a valid ID card, passport or driver’s license) at our Policy Administration and Client Services Department via email

As soon as the department receives your documents, they will process your petition and send you instructions on how to download the AZV App. Your proof is your digi-ZorgPas, the digital AZV card. You can download the AZV app in your smartphone after being registered with us.

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