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The medical care which you are entitled to is stipulated in the National Ordinance General Health Insurance. AZV is a medical insurance for curative care. It means that your insurance will cover medical treatments for the cure, monitoring and or managing of the illness you have.

When you get sick, you go directly to your general practitioner. A consultation will be held and your doctor will dicide what will be the best treatmentplan. The general practitioner can help you with the treatment of a lot of illnesses. Whenever the general practitioner decides that it is medically necessary, he wil refer you to a specialist. And off course, when a prescription is being given, your doctor will take into account what AZV covers.

The benefits from AZV are:

  • Care by a general practitioner (family doctor).
  • Specialist care.
  • Care by a midwife.
  • Care by a physiotherapist.
  • Dental Care (limited coverage)
  • Orthodontic care (limited coverage)
  • Hospital care.
  • Medicines (according to the Positive List).
  • Auxiliary medical devices.
  • Medical treatment abroad (with approval from AZV).
  • Care by a physiotherapist
  • e&swcfpc=1Physiotherapist sessions are given according to AZV clustermodel. This clustermodel categorizes illnesses in certain amount of sessions that AZV covers. Generally starting with 3 sessions.
  • Breast cancer screening
  • Speech therapy

Care by a physiotherapist

We work with a clustermodel. This clustermodel categorizes illnesses (medical diagnostics) into certain amount of sessions that AZV covers. Generally 3, 6 or 9 sessions are covered.

Care by a midwife

The midwife is the right person to help you during your pregnancy. When pregnant, you can go directly to a midwife. AZV works with several midwives and the choice is yours; you decide which midwife will guide you during and after your pregnancy.

When the midwife decides that it is necessary he will refer you to a gynecologist. Your AZV insurance covers all costs related to the guidance and support from the midwife during pregnancy, during childbirth and the consultations after childbirth. If a gynecologist is handling your case, AZV will cover the costs.

Care by a medical specialist

It is good to know that your family doctor can help with a lot of illnesses. Your family doctor can request exams and also prescribe medicines in case this is necessary. Whenever your family doctor concludes that evaluation or treatment by a specialist is necessary, he will provide you of a referral letter.

The referral letter is filled in by specialism. And you choose within the specialism. For example, if your family doctor refers you to a dermatologist, you decide which one you will approach as long as it is a specialist that works with AZV.

Consultation with the specialist

A call to the office will give you information about their services as well as an appointment. It is important to remember to bring your referral letter on the day of your appointment. Additionally you will have to show your digi-ZorgPas.

During your consultation, the specialist will explain his (first) thoughts about your illness or he will give you an diagnostic. He will also propose a treatmentplan and depending on your condition, the treatmentplan will consist of:

  • advice about life changes;
  • execute some exams or additional exams;
  • prescribe medicines;
  • propose operation;
  • propose therapy;
  • propose a combination of all the above mentioned or;
  • propose referral to another specialist in case he cannot help you. This will happen based on a medical report (letter) that will be sent to your general practitioner with the request to send you to the specialist he proposes.

Informed consent

Your specialist will always try to communicate as clearly as possible and it should be easy for you to understand what he is explaining to you about your illness. The doctor will explain to you what his treatment plan is including all the risks there is. During this conversation he will have to explain all the possible scenarios that can happen. It is important for you to make a decision based on everything your doctor explains to you. A treatment can not be started without your approval (consent). After the treatment is given, you can go back to your general practitioner. Your general practitioner will monitor your health and whenever he concludes that it is necessary for you to go back to the specialist, he will give you a new referral. Only a few exceptional or complicated cases will remain under the continuous treatment of a specialist.

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