Speech therapy

When your family physician or specialist finds it necessary he/she can refer you to a speech therapist. Speech therapy is given to recover, improve, and maintain the function of the hearing, the voice or the voice organs. But it can also help with breathing, eating, drinking, or swallowing problems.

Your doctor sends a request for speech therapy to the medical advisor of AZV, who can confirm the request for a maximum of 15 sessions in 1 year of treatment. In exceptional cases, 10 extra sessions can be given. Speech therapy can be requested for the following cases:

According to the AZV law, permission cannot be granted for treatment that is: unnecessarily expensive, complicated, or not efficient. Nor can permission be given for the treatment of dyslexia, development of language related to dialect or other language, and music therapy.

There is a own contribution of 10% of the rate for speech therapy care. Currently, the rate is 75 Aruban florin per session and a session lasts 30 minutes.

* 1 year of treatment = 12 months after the first session.

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